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There is a great network of tracks on Matakohe-Limestone for exploring. Most of these tracks are grassed and can be slippery when wet/muddy. Tracks vary in grade and reasonable footwear and fitness is required. There are also several points where you will need to cross stiles.

A circuit of the entire island around the coastal tracks takes about 1.5 hours.

Parts of tracks are beach walks, some of which are not passable at high tide. The North Coast Track is especially prone to high tide blockage. However one can easily take the parallel Northern Inland Track just above the fenceline in the main paddock. The Quarry Shore Track and the Southern Shore Track are not so as affected by tides but at peak high tide you may need to backtrack and take a track over the main ridge.

At the south-western corner of the island, please use the inland grass track/ boardwalk rather than the beach, as the sandspit area is an area set aside as a sea-bird breeding area.

There are two large signs on the island showing the tracks - one at the beach landing below the old Manager's house ruins and the other as you leave the pontoon landing on the south-eastern corner of the island and enter the cement works ruins. The tracks themselves are mostly unsigned, and though finding your way around them is fairly straight forward, it can be helpful to download and print this map before you go.

 Island Tracks

  • Northern Shore and Inland Tracks
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  • Quarry Shore Track
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  • Southern Shore Track
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  • School Track
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  • Ridge Track
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  • Loop Track
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  • Hill Track
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