Island facilities

The island is a great place to visit but as your car won't be handy it pays to be prepared!


There are two composting toilets on the island for public use, one 20m uphill from the old Manager's house ruins, the other in the cement mill ruins area on the other side of the island (Click here for a map of the island). Please don't put any rubbish or inorganic matter in them as this prevents them from working properly.


There is no potable water supply on the island. You are advised to bring you own drinking water. There is water for hand washing located at both toilets but it is not suitable for drinking.


There are no rubbish facilities on the island whatsoever. So please, take all empty bags, wrappers and empty bottles back to the mainland with you. There are bins on the roadway at the top of the main Onerahi boat ramp and at the end of the gangway from the Onerahi jetty/pontoon.

Visitor shelter

Located on the south side of the island, the visitor shelter contains information about the island and its history and provides some shelter from the weather.

Track network

There is a great network of tracks on Matakohe-Limestone for exploring. Most of these tracks are grassed and can be slippery when wet/muddy. Tracks vary in grade and reasonable footwear and fitness is required. There are also several points where you will need to cross stiles. The coastal track can be affected by the tides. See our island map and read more about the tracks.

There are two large map signs showing the tracks - one at the landing point below the old Manager's house ruins and the other as you leave the all tide pontoon and enter the cement mill ruins. The tracks themselves are mostly unsigned.


Camping, for a variety of reasons, is not permitted on the island. Illegal campers may be issued with a notice and subject to a fine.

Help and advice - the Ranger

If it is a medical or accident emergency and you have a cellphone, you should ring the Emergency Services. There is no cell phone coverage on the eastern/south-eastern sides of the island; coverage is approximately line of site with the cell tower at the top of Parahaki.

Should you need a lesser degree of help, the Ranger may be available, bearing in mind that he is not always on the island, or might be working on the island away from the Ranger Station. If you have a cellphone, you might be able to raise him on (09) 4360923. The Ranger has a first aid kit at the Ranger Station/residence.

If you have feedback or information you think will benefit the island, you have questions or want to know more about the island, the Ranger is always up for a chat.