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No dogs
No fires

Smoking: KH. Is this still something we need to address? Do people still smoke? JS. Yes

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Care Code

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Matakohe-Limestone Island is an open access island meaning anyone is welcome to visit any time.

We do ask that you follow the basic Care Code below to ensure the island is protected from fire, the island's native animal residents are protected, and the environment stays clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

No dogs
Because our island residents, including kiwi, are very vulnerable to dogs, no dogs are allowed on the island.

No fires or BBQs
Matakohe-Limestone Island has a permanent fire ban in place.

Smoking restricted to the foreshore
If you must smoke, keep it to the foreshore and remove your rubbish.

Be a tidy kiwi. Please take all your rubbish with you when you leave. Please use toilet facilities provided.

Check your bags, pockets, shoes and other gear you are bringing onto the island for any stowaways. These could include mice, rats, ants, skinks, vegetation and seeds - all of which could pose a threat to the plants and animals of the island. See more in Biosecurity.

Please enjoy the sights and sounds of the flora and fauna of the island, but do not interfere with any wildlife. We are lucky to have a number of special native species living and breeding on the island. Interfering with nests or individuals, especially around breeding time, could have a devastating effect on their continued success.

Matakohe-Limestone Island has a rich and varied history, evidence of which can be seen scattered around the island. Please respect the historical value of the island, and leave any artifacts in place.

Take only photos and memories, leave only footprints.

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