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Plague skinks

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Matakohe-Limestone Island is pest free. This means we have no pests such as mice, rats, stoats, weasels, possums or Argentine ants. This has been achieved with a lot of hard work, dedication, and investment and allows special native species including lizards and kiwi, to live and thrive on the island (follow the links below for more information on the threats these pests pose to native species). Because of this, we need all visitors to be very careful about what comes on to the island with them.

There aren’t likely to be any possums or stoats hiding in your backpack, but when you visit please check your boat, kayak, gear, bags, picnic and pockets for any:

Mice and other rodents
Mice and rats eat native insects, lizards and birds, as well competing with native species for food. You would be suprised at where they can hide so make sure you check even if you think you are mouse free!

Argentine ants are one of the worlds most invasive and problematic ant species. We fortunately don't have any on the island but there are colonies all over Whangarei, including the suburb of Onerahi just across the water from the island. Ants can very easily stow away in the bottom of backpacks, in the hull of a kayak or in amongst the fishing tackle so please check your bags and boats carefully, especially if they haven't been used in a while. You can read more ore about Argentine Ants on the DoC website.

Plague skinks
The island has an amazing variety of native lizards now thanks to the re-introductions but one we definitely don't want is the invasive plague skink from Australia. It is widespread on the mainland and is a threat to our rare native lizards. You can read more about Plague Skinks on the DoC website.

Because kiwi have a very strong scent and a fragile skeleton, any dog can easily find and kill kiwi. Dogs also pose a major threat to the shore bird chicks on the island. Please leave your pets at home.

You can also check out our island Care Code for other ways to look after the island and its special things.

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