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Public reserve – anyone can visit
No camping
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One of the driving reasons behind the establishment of Matakohe-Limestone Island as a reserve was to preserve and restore a special place that was open for people to visit; and, as islands go, it doesn’t get much closer than Matakohe-Limestone! It is just a short paddle or boat trip. If you don’t have your own kayak or boat there are also others ways you can come across (water babies have even been known to swim!).

Once you get here there is plenty to see and do. The island is a great place to go for a walk and has some spectacular and unique views of the harbour from the top of the Matakohe pa site. As a predator free island it is of course a great place for bird watching and wildlife spotting.

If you like exploring something a bit different, the island has an amazing amount of local history. The remains of the cement works that operated on the island from 1856 are a unique surprise for most island visitors – it’s not everyday you get to explore a ruin in NZ!

For those who just want to relax, there are good swimming beaches at high tide, many a picnic spot, and the wharf on the southern side is a great spot to drop a line.

The main things to remember if you are visiting are NO DOGS, NO FIRES and NO STOWAWAYS. Read more about protecting the island from pest invasion and damage.

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