Adopt A Spot

Adopt A Spot got underway in 2013. With the island substantially planted, it was time to consolidate the gains and focus on nuturing the developing forest cover. What better way to do this than Adopt-A-Spot. The idea is that a person or group of people look after a specific area on the island, interplanting where necessary, removing weeds and releasing grass from around young trees.

Worked right, this can be a great day out, especially if friends or family are with you. Choose your day and go across - picnic or go for a walk as well as look after your spot. It is also very satisfying how young trees grow so much better when weeds are kept at bay and to watch as the forest undergrowth develops with a little tender care. The sound of seabirds is never far away and fantails seem so much more numerous and friendly. The view down the harbour is fantastic.

A spot can be as big or as small as the person wishes and anywhere on the island! They are asked to visit and care for their spot a minimum of three times a year, though it is hoped they would like to go across more often. There is no longterm obligation but please let the Ranger know should you wish to relinquish your spot.

Advice and guidance is given by the Ranger or other volunteers, and tools and materials are supplied too. The island barge, an open aluminium boat with seating for 24, is used to take people to and from the island, though prior arrangement with the Ranger is necessary and often depends on weather and other work commitments.

If you would like to Adopt A Spot, or just find out a little more about it, please contact us.