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Matakohe-Limestone Island is a community project - driven by locals for everyone to enjoy. Volunteers make it happen! They are involved at all levels - from decision making to mouse-trap cover making and everything in between. There are a myriad of ways to volunteer. We have listed a few of the ways below but we can almost always find something to suit your skills and availability so get in touch and get involved!

Wednesday Volunteers
The 'Wednesday Volunteers' are the happy band of volunteers who come over once a month and get stuck into all sorts of jobs on the island. There is a huge variety of different work; for example tree releasing, artificial seabird burrow building and doing weed control (hand pulling, cutting, spraying). We also have those who are handy with hammers doing lots of little fix-it jobs. Volunteer Wednesdays run the first Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise advised), with pick up from the Onerahi jetty at 9am, returning at about 2pm. You can come as often or as infrequently as you want. Though you work at your own pace, a certain amount of fitness is needed for getting around the island.

Sounds like you? Contact the Ranger on (09) 436 0923 or email for more details.

Join others and adopt-a-spot. Let your green fingers do their magic and care for a spot on the island. You get to choose where on the island and how big the spot is. An individual, a family group, or maybe a gardening group or a team made up of your friends or workmates. It makes a social day out and a nice visit to a great little island.

A little tender care makes a big difference to the growth of the forest. This mostly involves planting amongst the trees already there, keeping non-native trees out and releasing grass from young trees. Materials and tools are provided and the Ranger will help with guidance and support as well as take you across to the island (by prior arrangement of course). We ask that you visit your spot a minimum three times a year and report your progress.

Interested? Contact the Ranger on (09) 436 0923 or email for more details.

Mouse Busts
Every few months we run a 'mouse-bust'. This involves baiting the grid of baitstations that cover the island to protect against mouse invasion. It is an important part of looking after the island and the more vollies we have the easier it is! It is a great opportunity to get 'off road' on the island. Because the lines traverse the island you do need a reasonable level of fitness but there are different grades, from pretty tricky to just 'strolling' up and down the mown lines on the grass face - you pick! We let people know these mouse-busts are happening on the website and via our email list.

Resident Volunteers
Depending on cabin availability, we also take conservation volunteers who are keen to work on the island and stay for a period of several days. Accommodation is in a single room cabin. The cabin has electric lighting, kitchen with utensils, bench/sink with running water, a gas cooker, 2 beds, and gas heated shower. Because we are on solar power there is no heating. The toilet is a composting toilet located outside. Volunteers supply their own food and sleeping bag.

Such overnight stays must be pre-arranged with the Ranger on (09) 436 0923 or by email at
Work Experience and Placements

If you are a student or someone looking for work experience on a restoration project we are keen to hear from you. Working on the island is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience and learn from the resident ranger. If you are able to commit for a reasonable period the ranger is happy to pick you up each day and spend time working alongside you.

Join the Committee
Amazing projects like these always need people to make the plans, decisions and keep things rolling. We are happy to talk to people who want to get more involved at this level and welcome the different skills and knowledge new people bring to our FOMLI committee. Get in touch and find out what we do and how you can be a part of it.

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