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Resource material

The following is a list of resources that may be of use when planning teaching goals for your trip. The Society is also currently seeking assistance with developing Teacher Resource Kits and guided interpretation on the island.

Kiwi Forever
Kiwi Forever is a Resource Kit developed by the Kiwis for kiwi (formally BNZ Save The Kiwi Trust). Based on the New Zealand Curriculum (2007), it provides a framework to help teachers plan activities and lessons based around kiwi. The aim of this resource is to inspire and encourage more young people to be involved in contributing to a sustainable future for kiwi.

It is available here at no cost to teachers actively teaching in New Zealand through the BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust’s website.

Kiwi Forever is targeted at levels 2 through 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum, is the culmination of months of research and writing, and has been professionally peer-reviewed. It contains the following:

- Four Learning Sequences, one each at level 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the NZC (but each can easily be adapted to suit any level). Each sequence has an overview that shows the context for that sequence. It outlines the concepts (important ideas), suggested learning experiences connected to curriculum areas and identifies supporting resources required for that sequence.

- Eleven Appendix Cards detailing relevant information about kiwi, and people working to save them. Seven of the cards are also in Te Reo Maori.

- A copy of How to Save Kiwi booklet.

- References to further materials and websites to support the suggested learning sequences in the resource, including photocopy masters, kiwi images and training DVD How to Save Kiwi.

- It is all contained within a durable presentation folder, which provides clear information on how to use the resource and background information on the strong link with education for sustainability.

There are also further Activities and Kiwi Stories (that you can listen to online) available on the BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust website.

More Than Just a Little Island, by G.M (Tim) Clark
This published book contains a comprehensive history of the island and the restoration project which began in the early eighties. It is available on loan from the island ranger prior to your trip or can by purchased from the society for $30 (plus postage and packaging).
Native Flora

A basic native species ID sheet is available from the ranger in digital form for you to print prior to arrival.

Visitor Shelter Interpretation
There are five information boards located in the visitor shelter that detail; the Maori history of the island, the original cement works layout and cement making process, the restoration timeline, the geology of the island and kiwi on the island.

Island Map and H&S briefing
A map of the island is available for download here.
A list of hazards on the island is available for download here.

The Society publications page also lists documents which may contain useful information for your class.

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