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Our Part of the Universe

Lead Person: Maurie and Denise Kearns

Usual number in team: 2

Start Date: August 2015

What inspired us to adopt-a-spot:
We appreciate the outdoors and thought this was a wonderful opportunity to take on board our conservation interests. We are looking forward to kayaking over to our Spot and putting in time to enhance/maintain our "part of the universe"

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31 July 2015

Maurie walked through the area with Dwane Kokich to get an idea of the site and suitability for adopting. It is a developing site with some largish trees, room for interplanting and extending, with some taming needed for mexican devil, veldt grass and muehlenbeckia. Next to a small wetland, the sandspit and boardwalk, it is an excellent spot Denise and I can get close to with our kayaks.

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