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Horahora School Adopt A Spot

Lead Person: Jan Thomas (teacher)

Usual number in team: Enter number of students or perhaps the class name

Start Date: July 2015

What inspired us to adopt-a-spot:
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27 November 2015

Twelve students of Room 20 did weeding before lunch, then went up to the Pa site where a lovely waiata was performed. Dwane and Bernie gave a talk at the Petrel station about establishing a grey faced petrel colony on the island and then it was time to walk back down the hill to catch the boat back across to Onerahi.

Early October 2015

Dwane K and Marc A (French volunteer staying on the island), using haloxyfop in the tractor spray unit, sprayed quite an area of grass in and extending from our spot down-slope and toward the Badham lookout. The intention is to inter-plant most of it during public planting days in winter 2016.

24 July 2015

The redundant track down the edge of the Horahora School adopt-a-spot area was planted by volunteers with about 60 trees.

2 July 2015

Hi Jan, could you please email me some short write-up about this day - when you had the class over to do some plant-id, weeding and a bit of a walk around. I will replace this text here with what you give me. Ta, Dwane.

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