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Six Pack Quarry

Lead Person: Gerry Brackenbury

Usual number in team: 1

Start Date: June 2014

What inspired us to adopt-a-spot:

During the early years of planning the restoration of Limestone Island, it was fairly obvious that the island was always going to be short of water. Being a lump of pretty porous limestone rock, little if any water would see through a dry Summer. However, hope springs eternal, and it was decided to create six ponds in the old quarry near the Rangers house, labelled the Six Pack. Following a standard wet Northland winter, the ponds did fill up, but usually dried out come the end of Summer. However, slowly but surely, tough, planted riparian species like jointed rush started to survive, and a potential habitat for eels, frogs, ducks, dragonflies and maybe one day spotless crake will turn a once barren quarry into a micro-habitat.

Already self-seeding plants are working their way up the quarry face, and one day we will see a rather specialist forest featuring dominant pohutukawa and karo, with a wealth of self seeded species where lizards, weta and one day tuatara will thrive. Like I said, hope springs eternal.

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Winter 2015

A public planting day saw many more trees go into this area. It will be interesting to see how the prostrate ngaio fare through the summer.

June and July 2014

There was a couple of days planting by myself toward end of June and then the public planting day on 6 July, with about 15 of us planting in the Six Pack. This year more flaxes have been planted, along with cabbage trees, prostrate ngaio, karo, coprosma and tea tree which will continue the restoration process.

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