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Grube Family Adopt A Spot

Lead Person: Anne-Marie Grube

Usual number in team: 4

Start Date: July 2015

What inspired us to adopt-a-spot:
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Early October 2015

Using haloxyfop in the tractor spray unit, Dwane Kokich sprayed most of the grass in our spot which will be ready for planting up next winter.

19 July 2015

For each visit to your spot on the island please make an entry on your webpage. Newest entries at the bottom, oldest at the top. Perhaps separate each entry with a horizonatal line. Please state the date of the visit. By all means enter in personal observations about your spot or about something memorable that happened on the day. But please remember you are not writing a novel! It would be great for the record if you entered in what activity was undertaken on the visit to your spot, as well as how many people were there. Yep, can add photos, but please keep their file size small (say 30KB) as, in time, lots of photos may tend to make the page slow to load in a persons web browser.

12 July 2015

Hi Anne-Marie & Aryan. If you wish, you can either enter stuff in here yourself (a bit tricky if you are not fairly computer savvy), or email stuff to me and I will post it up, or just not have a write-up here. It is up to you guys what you want in terms of recording your visits on the website. The important thing of course is looking after a spot on the island! Just let me know what you prefer. Ta, Dwane.

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