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Partners and Sponsors

The restoration of the island is a collaborative effort between the community, local iwi, the Whangarei District Council and a diverse group of partners & sponsors. It is a great example of what can be achieved when organisations and individuals collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Te Parawhau tribe are Tangata Whenua and Kaitiaki of Matakohe. As Kaitiaki they provide guidance for FOMLI in making decisions about the island's restoration and protection. FOMLI has joined both Te Parawhau and neighbouring Ngati Wai in a Memorandum of Understanding which records their commitment to consult with each other about management objectives for the island.

This project would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, big and small. The Society would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations:

Proudly Sponsored by

Carter Holt Harvey (Woodproducts) are our newest sponsor. Their funding has assisted us with our planting programme, adding to the 150,000 trees planted by volunteers over 20 years.

We have many school groups visit the island and some of the CHH funding has gone to help run the 24-seater barge and ensure our Ranger has the appropriate training and qualifications to skipper it. The barge is also used to bring little vulnerable kiwi over to the pest free safe haven of Limestone Island. When they are fully grown they are transported back to be released back into the wild on the mainland. In 2016, staff at the CHH LVL site and the CHH town site named two of the kiwi.

Golden Bay Cement has been involved since the very early beginnings of the project in 1989 and came on board as a major sponsor nearly 14 years ago. In 1998 the original 5-year sponsorship deal provided much needed secure funding for wages for a resident ranger, trees, buildings, a tractor, a site and shadehouse for plant production and other important infrastructure. This funding was pivotal for the restoration project, and allowed it to take a huge leap forward. Golden Bay has been a major sponsor ever since and continues to provide significant sponsorship every year that is part of our core funding.

Most recently Golden Bay Cement won the Fletcher Building Award for the Most Effective Sustainability Initiative and donated the $8000 award money to the island (on top of the annual funding) to purchase a new dinghy and trailer.

Golden Bay Cement in fact has an even longer association with Matakohe-Limestone, manufacturing cement on island in the late 1800s up to 1918, when the factory moved across to the mainland at Portland.

The Whangarei District Council was ahead of its time when twenty years ago it handed over the day-to day running of Matakohe-Limestone to a passionate community group called FOMLI. That partnership continues today with the Council providing core funding for the island as well as funding for additional infrastructure projects and developments.

Foundation North (formerly called ASB Charitable Trust) provided funds toward the new ranger accommodation on the island as well as to the visitor shelter which was completed in 2007

Grants from Pub Charity have enabled the Society to purchase some big ticket items essential to the restoration work on the island. Over the last ten years this has included a Quad truck, the Society's barge and trailer, water tanks, and spades, scrub cutters and other equipment.

Matakohe-Limestone Island has been operating as a kiwi creche since 2003 and since that time the Kiwis For Kiwi (The Kiwi Trust) has been assisting us with funding to run our predator surveillance and control programme. This includes the trap checking and maintenance on the island and in the buffer zone, which is essential to ensure the island remains predator free.

Rentokil Initial joined us as a sponsor over 6 years ago, providing the pesticide that we use in the island and in the buffer zone to keep us predator free as well as help and advice. They have also contributed to FOMLIS endowment fund.

The WWF Tindall Foundation Habitat Restoration Fund provided funding for three years of our five year grey-faced petrel re-introduction project. This project was a major undertaking and would not have been possible without their support

Proudly assisted by

Northport Whangarei Harbour Health Improvement Fund

Whangarei Native Forest & Bird Society

Whangarei Royal Forest & Bird Society

Whangarei South Rotary

Northland Regional Council Environment Fund

Department of Conservation & DOC Community Restoration Fund

Onerahi Lions

Richardson Stevens Consulting Engineers

NZ Parks & Conservation Foundation

Environment Northland

Avatar Web Promotions

YHA Hostel Association Whangarei

Northland Polytechnic

Tawapou Coastal Natives

Marine North Ltd

Onerahi Primary

Forest Floor Nursery

Johnson Marine

Whangarei Boys High School

Harbour Marine Ltd

Surplus Direct

Red Bull Powder Company



Murray Wilkinson

Phoenix Boats

North Tugz

Rosvall ITM

Northland Port Company

Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Circa Engineering

Outstanding personal contributions

Joyce Ryan

Marge Maddren

Jack Craw

Chris Robertson

Ian Seymour Wood

Badham family

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